Homeowners’ Guide; Avoid the 6 Most Common Mistakes When Moving To Larger Homes


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Real estate agents in their capacity, as liaison between two parties in the sale, lease or some other types of real estate/property transactions may more than once act on different moving out or moving up problems that clients may brought to their attention. And it had been found that moving out of an existing home is way different than buying homes for the first time. Even if the client have a previous rented home, it is very different when they own the home they are currently living in.
Why? There are several factors that can complicate the situation, if there is an existing home that an owner looking for the new home is liable with.
The most crucial factor to consider are issues with financing. When you have an existing home with an existing mortgage balance, buying a new home may just add to your financial burden which is somewhat weighing you down financially as it is. Also buying another home will not only add to your financial burden, it will entail other responsibilities as well.
Now, you have to consider the following actions to help you eliminate these financial issues. Sell your present home at exactly the right time. To help you avoid two decisive situations; the financial burden of owning two homes at the same time or, the opposite but still just as bad, being in a tight spot because you have no place to live in during the gap between closing the sale of your old home and the deal for your new home.
Well, several reports were already published regarding these kinds of mistakes that homeowners may unconsciously commit, and as a real estate agent that dealt with these kinds of problems many times over I have proof that these reports are true.
6 common mistakes to avoid when moving to a larger home;
1. Be realistic, stop viewing everything with rose-tinted glasses

Dreaming big is not bad, because many people would tell you to dream big, anyway dreaming is free. Improving your lifestyle and moving to a larger home is one way of dreaming big that you need to vet to avoid escalating it to something unmanageable. Especially when the discrepancy is between your feelings and your bank accounts.
Don’t get caught in a hit or miss house hunting strategy. Many real estate agents offer selling and buying approaches for clients like Agents’ Buyer Profile Service or House-Hunting System Programs, which lessens guesswork and helps to put you in the home of your dreams right away. This type of process will easily cross-match your criteria with available homes on the market area that your agent covers and they will be able to supply you with printed information on an on-going basis about upcoming listings that matched your criteria especially the state of your financial capacity.

2. Make or not some necessary improvements before selling your home

Selling a property may weight you down with some necessary decisions especially if you want to get the best price for your home. Certainly you can enhance your home and make it attractive to a prospective buyer. The enhancements don’t necessarily have to be expensive, and will often come back to you ten-fold. Just make sure you made your improvements before the home is put on the market. There are equity loans that you can avail of that you can repay later on, when your Agent for Home Resell Deal close the sale of your home for you, if cash is tight and are not readily available for your planned improvements.

3. Sell or not the previous home first

This should not be an; “if decision”. It has to be “plan to sell first before you buy”. This way the chance of finding yourself at a disadvantage on any future negotiations lessened if not totally removed altogether. You won’t be pressured in accepting a below the market value offer because there is a purchase deadline for the home that you so want you have to meet. If your previous home is already sold, buying your next one will be a “no strings attached kind of deal”.

If a tempting offer is put for your old home but you haven’t made some significant move towards finding your next home yet, you have an opportunity to put in a contingency clause in the contract sale which will give you a leeway time to find a home to buy. In times when market is slow and selling as quickly as you anticipated is not possible, renting your home for the meantime and putting it up on the market later is another option. This is good for smaller, starter homes. Take into consideration some tax rules if you choose renting. Or avoid this situation altogether by getting an agent that offers some Sell Your Home As Is Service. Most of them will renovate or improve your home for you and still guarantee you get a good price from the sale of your home.

4. Don’t fail to negotiate and get a pre-approved mortgage

Getting a pre-approval for a mortgage is a very simple process but many homeowners still fail to take advantage of this program. Be aware that while it will not cost or obligate you to anything, this pre-approval will give you a critical advantage when you put a bid offer on the home you want to purchase. You already know exactly how much you can afford, and the go signal was already set by your lending institution. This kind of deal will make your offer more preferable to the seller even if it’s a little lower than another bid offer which is reliant on financing.

5. Don’t get caught and be stuck with Real Estate Catch 22

Most homeowners are torn between which to do first “buying or selling” when they decide to move up into a bigger and larger home. Point Number 3 above tells you the best move is to sell first. But there are ways that you can eliminate this catch altogether. There are agents that offer Guaranteed Trade-Up Sale Program, this will actually take the problem away from you entirely. This program will guaranty the sale of your present home by the agents before you will be asked to deal with the possession of your next one. If you already find a home you so wish to purchase and the one you own is not sold yet, these agents will buy your home from you themselves as is, to free you to make your move free from worry and stress.

6. Don’t fail to coordinate with your agents and any important institutions closings of sales and deals

Trying to coordinate two major transactions together with all the people involved; home inspectors or pest inspectors, appraisers, mortgage experts, lawyers, title company representatives, loan officers, there is greater chances miscommunications and mix-ups. Get a real estate agent or agents that you will be comfortable working with closely to avoid these logistical fixes.

As your current source for real estate in Milton, Oakville, Ontario and the surrounding area. My company deals with all kinds of Milton|Oakville Ontario homes for sale| buy sell│invest in property for residential and commercial use.
My knowledge and expertise of the local real estate market will allow you to deal with these kinds of problem confidently. And I will help you resolve any of these the shortest and easiest way possible, as I have dealt with these kinds of problems before.



We’re getting a Divorce: How can we divide our matrimonial home?


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When there are members of the family discussing divorce, this ominous word doesn’t just affect the couple thinking or planning their separation. It takes its toll on everybody; family members and even friends. Members of the immediate family instantly counsel the couple on many things.
But when a couple start to bring this word into the discussion table it means they already exhausted every possible avenue towards settling their family issues. Well…polling everything that friends and family discuss with the divorcing couple during those trying pre-divorce times, the subject of dividing up the couples’ material possessions hardly ever come up.
However many divorce lawyers admit that clients came up with the right number of questions about separation of material possessions at the earliest part of their communication to cover everything. It is important for the couple to know that in Canada there are laws like the Ontario Family Law Act, which dedicate unique provisions to issues regarding matrimonial home ownership after divorce or separation.
Under the Family Law Act the matrimonial home is furnished with special status: both spouses are granted equal rights to its possession. These equal rights lasts even after separation.
Unless; the two parties has already reached and agreed on a separation agreement.
Or, until; there is an order from the court, that establish that one of them has the exclusive right to its possession, irrespective of who is the legal title owner.There are many laws governing divorce and the eventual separation of the matrimonial home in Canada and each province has their own set of laws. As a couple on the process of filling for a divorce you are well advised to get the services of a litigation lawyer or to contact a real estate agent, when neither of you want to own the matrimonial home after your divorce or separation become official. The ones covered here are for the province of Ontario.

Points that Make the Matrimonial Home Unique that Couples Filing for Divorce have to Consider;
In Ontario, Canada; once a decision to end marriages are finalized and sealed by law, the Family Law Act directly activates a provision on property-division. The property will now be equally divided between spouses, bound by specific exceptions and rules, a few of them are significant rules on separation of matrimonial homes. You need lawyers and real estate agents well versed on Canadian Laws and precise laws and acts specific to a province to help you iron these exceptions out.
The following aspects make the matrimonial home unique.
1. The act stridently defines the matrimonial home.
The term applies to any house/home owned or where the spouses and their family live in together up to the day of separation. Including all types of housing like mobile homes and condominiums, as long as it is occupied as family residence. Likewise, the term does not limit the number of homes the spouses own: providing it meets legal definition, a second home, like a regularly used family cottage still counts as a matrimonial home subject to special rules of the Family Act.
2. After marriage the original ownership of the home becomes immaterial.
If one of the spouses owns a home before the marriage and that home becomes the family’s domicile, under the Ontario Family Act it is a matrimonial home, even if the title is held by one of the spouses, and to whomever of them it was registered to prior to marriage.
3. Both spouses are declared by law to have equal rights to the matrimonial home once it is designated a matrimonial home, and are equally entitled to possession of it upon separation.
Neither of the spouses can legally exclude the other from the matrimonial home once they separate, who owned the home prior to marriage is beside the point.
4. When dividing assets on separation, there are special rules for matrimonial homes.
The Family Law Act explicitly declares that the gross/net value of a matrimonial home need be shared equally upon their separation. A special clause of rule applies to it, different from partitioning of other conjugal property. Like that on the ones about how upon their separation each spouse is entitled to take away the marriage-date value of any property each of them took into the marriage.
5. Full consent from both spouses have to be freely given before a matrimonial home can be sold.
Be careful when attempting to sell the home without the other spouse’s consent, any unsubstantiated purchase will be deemed meritorious of a legal dispute of interest by the second spouse, or a court may withheld the deal under the right conditions. This same rule applies to an attempt to mortgage or in any way encumber the home without the other spouse’s awareness and consent.
Whenever a consensus is hard to reach, then either of them may apply for a court order to sell the home.
6. Special status.
There is a special custody status under Ontario Law that protect the matrimonial home. There are established things that spouses cannot and can do. For the most part, one spouse is not allowed to unfairly do any of the following, without the other spouse giving consent:
• Bar the other spouse out of the matrimonial home by changing locks;
• Sell or mortgage or re-mortgage the home.

Court Orders Affecting Ownership of Matrimonial Home for Divorcing Couples


An Ontario court depending on the nature and objective of the family litigation, can or is allowed to make Orders that can affect each spouse’s rights to the matrimonial home. An authority granting the court powers in this regard is pursuant to the Family Law Rules, the Ontario Family Law Act, and the Courts of Justice Act.
There are different Orders that a family court can make ruling spousal rights to their matrimonial home, when the spouses cannot agree, the court in such cases has the power to exercise its mandate, and that is to make the compulsory Order.
Courts are not careless of their powers and they don’t take their powers lightly; rest assured everything will be taken into consideration, the court is methodically decreed under the Family Law Act to take into account the following:
• To take the best interests of the children who may be affected by the order.
• Any existing court Orders relating to other existing orders like Orders for support besides the ones governing the family property.
• The monetary position of both spouses;
• Any previous agreement written as ordered by the parties;
• The ready availability of other suitable and affordable accommodations; and
• Violence or act of excessive passion committed by a spouse against the other spouse or children.
Also the rights of third parties don’t have to be omitted; there can be third parties that own some form of interests in the matrimonial home. There may be a mortgage on the home, which a bank can default is one example of third party interest.
There are different approaches to getting a divorce in Canada. There are lawyers that counsel their clients to go for an amicable separation agreement where the divorcing couple have to agree on some terms and put everything in writing with the help of lawyers without going to the court.
And there are also different approaches to a legal separation of your material possessions that will benefit you both monetarily. One part can be settled by the help of lawyers and the other can only be settled with the help of a real estate agent. Each of these services you will be needing will have to focus on different aspects of your lawful separation. Well, you can’t go wrong with the professional real estate agents offering their services around Ontario. These real estate agents serve the Ontario area Like  Milton, Mississauga, Oakville, and Toronto.

Don’t Let this One Get Away!


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Milton, Ontario, Canada, is one of the fastest growing communities in the country. Rather you are looking for commercial property, investment property or residential property, you need to contact a knowledgeable real estate agent. Keep these details in mind when searching for property to buy or sell in Milton.

Residential Property

It is getting harder to find the property that you want in Milton as the best ones are moving very quickly. New listings have decreased an average of five percent over last year. As of January 2017, the average property sold for as $665,100. All homes are seeing significant rises in value except for five-bedroom detach homes that have slipped in price just slightly. The Canadian National Real Estate Association projects about a 5.6 percent growth rate in prices over the next year, but local experts feel that it may be even higher in Milton. There are still some good Milton homes for sale, so do not let the best ones get away. The majority are detached homes allowing you plenty of space to raise a family. One of the most popular choices are town houses as they provide ample room for everyone to spread out. If you have children who may move back in or have aging parents, then a semi detach home may be right for you. Tightened requirements make it more difficult to qualify for a new home, so make sure that you move as quickly as possible before the government makes it even harder. Prices are likely to climb, so make sure if you are looking for invest in property that you act quickly. This is especially true of those looking for detached homes. Residential homes in Milton are often staying on the market for less than eight days.

Commercial Property

With Milton growing so quickly, it is a great time to open a business here. The demand is high for almost every type of business as an increasing number of people move to the area escaping the city hassles of Toronto. There is also some vacant land that has the potential to make great places to build your own custom-designed building. Alternatively, there are some well-established businesses for sale that are ready for you to put your touches on them allowing you to get up and running quickly. Prices are currently going for around $1.5 million for very nice property. As with the residential market, prices continue to climb, so do not wait and let the big one get away from you. There is also some great industrial land for sale if you are interested in moving a factory here or starting one.

Farm Land

If you are looking to establish a farm in the area or looking to add on to an existing one, then make sure to move quickly. As spring approaches, more people will become interested. Therefore, get the right property for you while the cold winter winds are still blowing. That way you will be ready to plant the fields, and you will have the necessary pasture land throughout the summer. With the quick growth in Milton, fertile farm lands are only going to become harder to find. Many of these properties have beautiful homes making them a great place to raise a family. Getting around the area is easy with three major roads running through the city, it really is possible to have the best of all worlds.

Experience that Counts

In this booming economy, you need an experienced real estate agent that can get you the best price rather you are buying or selling. One agent that you can trust is commercial real estate agent Pat Kakar. His experience will allow you to buy a house and not a mortgage. You may also want to contact residential real estate agent Pam Bhasin. If you are considering selling property, then make sure to contact them for a free home evaluation. Alternatively, if you are looking to buy property, then make it a point to contact them as they have many exclusive properties that often sell before they get listed with multiple listing services. Make sure to contact them today about your property needs.


www.yourproperty.ca          www.patkakar.com

Let us Guide you Home.


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The number of American , Asian and British people looking into Canada as the most likely location for their second home are currently on the rise. They are attracted by the country’s laid-back lifestyle, spectacular scenery, social and political stability. Also the ease with which they can come and go into Canada and the increasing number of low cost airlines covering travel here, add more to the bigger picture they see.
The fact that Canada’s global homes market is still young and developers are still seeking to attract foreign buyers thus strive to provide good value is another temptation to buy properties and establish here now.
Canada’s residential property market is performing adequately well in recent years, and is only affected by the global recession through its economy’s association with global markets. Making Canada’s residential property considerably cheaper than UK and USA, which, when lumped with the traditionally healthy capital appreciation of the Canadian dollar, makes it an attractive investment option for Americans and British considering to relocate permanently. Moreover prices of real estate properties in Canada are currently on the slide.
So if you are looking into buying properties in Milton , Mississauga , Oakville , Toronto , ON, Canada, we have some tips for you about Canadian Laws governing purchase of, investing in or leasing real estate properties by outsiders or non-permanent residents.
We hope this guide offers the best place to start. Other resources are also available if you want to research further; magazines, radio and television programs, the Web and property exhibitions provided by real estate agents in both the Canada and UK, and we participate in them too. This guide is not only for would be buyers but also for real estate agents that are not very familiar with real estate regulations in Canada.

Tip 1 – Look for the Prevalent Popular Locations
Over the years Canada has attracted its fair share of foreign American and British expats. Most of them when asked about the number 1 benchmark for their choice of location; travel time and cost are the ones most pointed out. But travel time will vary considerably subject on where in the UK you live.
Traditionally British buyers favor eastern Canada, due to its proximity to UK, for ease of travel. There are laws and requirements British citizens have to comply with even though they have relocated to another country, in connection with the status of their citizenship that will require travel back and forth to UK every quarter, semi-annual or once a year.
However, the western areas also come to be popular after the recent introduction of low-cost transatlantic services. Becoming popular also are the purpose-built resorts for retirees and persons with special needs.
Tip 2 – Know Rules and Regulations on Foreign Ownership
Buying a property or leasing them you have to know the ins and outs of regulations governing property purchase. These vary throughout Canada from province to province. When researching an area make it your business to know what is applicable here as a foreign buyer. There are no restrictions in New Brunswick, Newfoundland, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario on foreign ownership. Ruled by a clause that requires foreign nationals to spend less than six months per year in Canada if they want to own a property here.
Be aware also that each province have different limits on the classification and volume of land that can be owned. You can consult with a developer when buying a new property, and prospective buyers are required by law to register first with a real estate agent (realtor) before negotiating for purchases.

Tip 3 – There are Acquisition Process that You Need to Familiarize
Anywhere in the world, real estate acquisition processes are all different for every country, and Canada has its own and is not the same as the UK or the US.
It is a rule for the majority of Canadian real estate agents (realtors) to pool their resources and cooperate in multiple listings. One realtor, a member of the group can typically access all available information on all open properties in an area. It is best to appoint a buyer’s agent (an independent realtor) the instant you have chosen a property to represent your interests.
The seller usually pays both the realtors involved with most real estate transactions in Canada. Your hired agent will draft the Offer to Purchase, which will be then submitted together with a refundable deposit, a guaranteed refund should the sale fail to push through. The sale can proceed once both vendor and buyer sign the offer and all of the pre-conditions are met.

Tip 4 – Know The Involved Costs
From province to province transactions costs in Canada vary. It is usually between 4.7 and 11 % of the total price of the property. This is what makes Canada attractive to buy properties in, the transaction cheaper fees. Provincial Sales Tax (PST) pegged to max of 8% and 5% Goods and Services Tax (GST) is usually incorporated in asking price of new homes except Alberta which does not levy PST.
8% provincial retail sales tax is combined with GST to form 13% Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick including Newfoundland and Labrador.
There are certain conditions that can reduce GST and HST or avoid these two tax levy altogether. Real estate agents know all about these. While buying costs differ between provinces, allot max of  $2, 000 for a survey, legal fees and insurance. There is also the 0.5% up to 2% purchase tax of the price.
Tip 5 – Know the Best Way to Finance Purchases
While you took all the obligatory initiative to research for the above conditions, it is also a smart move to work out the best way to finance your purchases. Consider all the options; cash payment, remortgaging your old home or you can arrange a mortgage on your Canadian property with a Canadian lender or a lender back in your old home country.
The easiest solution will be remortgaging. However for those who own their old home outright it’s best to free yourself of the yoke your old home imposes. Release equity in your old home and buy your Canada property for cash. So you will not need another mortgage. But, do you know there are UK mortgage providers that will lend you funds, max of up to 80% of the actual purchase price for any second home purchase with minimum of 30-year term.
Let Us Guide You Home
Professional and licensed real estate agents that are well-versed with all the technical difficulties, involved with purchase of real estate properties in Canada can help you iron out everything listed above. There are available online portals with which you can talk to them and initially explore your plans of relocating and leasing or buying a property in Canada, as a foreign national, if you have no time to come here just yet. Hire the services of real estate agents when you decide to make final arrangements of the sale. Having the same people handle everything from start to finish will provide consistency. Making the process stress-free because they know how to run through the process step by step without making costly mistakes.


www.yourproperty.ca         www.patkakar.com

Capital investment in Canada’s real estate market Residential or Commercial


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Capital investment in Canada’s real estate market residential or commercial

Many foreign investors are discovering that Milton, Ontario, Canada, and the surrounding area are great places to invest because of weak Canadian dollar. Like many British and American citizens have already discovered, now is the right time to buy property in Canada. Of course, the amount of investors looking for investment opportunities in the Milton area also means its an outstanding time to sell your property.

Residential Property
Investors can find a number of investment opportunities in Milton, Burlington, Mississauga, Toronto and Oakville. In the first quarter of 2016, the average detach house in Milton sold for $927,841 Canadian dollars. That is just $706,742 United States dollars and 500,951 pounds sterling. Alternatively, in the first quarter of 2016, the average selling price for a semi detach was just $548,401. Therefore, it is very easy to see what a great value that you can receive in the Halton region.
This region is on the very edge of the Niagara Escarpment. This area of the escarpment is well known for its wine-producing appellation where over 30 varietals are grown including Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet Franc, Gamay Noir and Pinot Noir. The population of Milton is currently 102,000 residents. That is expected to grow to 228,000 by 2030. Yet, because the Escarpment has been declared a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, the government will highly control building in the area. This should make home prices soar over the next few years.

Not only can investors find a great detach house by working with realtor, now is the perfect time for the first time home buyer to consider buying a home. There are many luxurious new properties on the market. For those who have never owned a home before, a town house may be the perfect solution. In the first quarter of 2016, the average selling price for a condo townhouse was just $412,767 Canadian dollars. When you consider how cheap property is currently selling and the possibility of it increasing in price in the coming years, moving to Canada begins to make great sense.

Even if you cannot make the move to this beautiful area right now, consider the possibility of buying a property to rent. Let the renter pay the mortgage along with the cost of hiring a property management company to handle the property for you. Then, when you are ready to move, the property has already paid for itself. Alternatively, if you are never get ready, you can collect the rent for years to come.
Commercial Property

A large number of tourists come to the Milton area every year to explore the different conservation areas including Crawford Lake, Rattlesnake Point, Hilton Falls, and Mountsberg. The lavender farm draws hundreds of visitors each year, as does the Halton County Radial Railway. Of course, these visitors have to have a place to stay. With the great exchange rate right now, it is an outstanding time to buy hotels in the Milton area. If the population grows like the government expects, then these properties will surely become even more valuable in the years to come.
Since most of the tourist’s areas around Milton are located a short way from town, it is also a great time to consider investing in gas stations. As with hotel industry, the expected growth in the area is likely to make these properties increase in value over the coming years.

Industrial Property
The Milton area is already home to several great manufacturing companies that produce a variety of products. Karmax Heavy Stamping is the largest employer in Milton. They produce automobile car body parts. Northstar Aerospace has a facility here where they produce airplane and helicopter parts. Another employer is Roxul producing insulation for homes and commercial buildings. RecoChem makes containers for various industries around the world.
There is plenty of room for growth in the region. With the cheap conversion rates right now may be the perfect time to buy an industrial property. Alternately, if you are not ready to buy a property, then consider if now is the time to lease a property. In some cases, the government even has help available for capital investment. Before heading into uncharted waters on your own, make sure to organize a team of professionals to help you starting with a real estate agent.

Real Estate Professionals
Regardless of the type of property that you are in obtaining, the right real estate agent can help you achieve your goals. They can assist you in finding the right prod assist you in completing the necessary paperwork. In some cases, it can all be handled over the Internet, so you do not even have to come to Milton right now. If you do choose to come, however, it is very easy to get to the city from Toronto, as both the train and the bus offers frequent service to the area.

Buy Sell Invest in Property via Pat Kakar & Pam Team



Best Neighborhoods for Families Toronto Canada


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Best Neighborhoods for Families in Toronto

When it comes to the best neighborhood for families in Toronto, Canada, there are mixed views from local estate agents. In fact, the “best neighborhoods” in this capital of the province of Ontario are many given the city’s population of nearly 6 million. While Toronto properties are not considered “pricy” when it comes to commercial property, these deals do not stay around for long. For instance, there is a local boom when it comes to people desiring residential property; or something like a semi detach, a town house or a detach house property. In fact, local estate agents say there “is a place for anyone wanting to enjoy life in the Greater Toronto Area.”

First time home buyer attracted to Toronto region

Another aspect of finding a place to live in Toronto today is linked to those younger workers who would like to lease a property. For instance, a recent Toronto Chamber of Commerce survey pointed to younger families moving to Canada choose this most populous city in Canada because of its great infrastructure and “cool neighborhoods.” Another example is the trending town of Milton that is near Toronto and also located in Ontario, Canada. Local estate agents have noted how Milton has become popular with a first time home buyer because the town is growing at a quick rate with new gas stations, hotels and even new industrial property developments. This “growth” in and around Toronto is “why so many people are moving here,” stated a longtime local estate agent commenting online.

Working with a realtor in Toronto

Those who visit the Toronto region, to include the growing residential areas of Burlington, Mississauga, Milton and Oakville, say they enjoy their lives in this trending region of Ontario, Canada, because there is so much on offer for families, single career types and those interested in property investments.

New residents credit lots of local “perks” that include:

– World-class schools and plenty of local parks for kids to play and enjoy life.

– Local city transportation that is second to none anywhere in North America.

– Lots of high end commercial and residential properties for sale, rent or lease with great deals on offer.

– Trending hotels, motels and retail businesses that number in the thousands in the greater Ontario and Toronto regions.

– Great deals on high end house, new family homes, and lots of perks for first time home buyers to commit to settling down in the greater Toronto region.

– Opportunities for investors to “flip” a wide variety of resale properties with proven best results.

– Toronto city transportation and accompanying infrastructure; with plenty of go stations and services that many workers enjoy commuting to work without the usual big city hassles.

– Top people services, including state-of-the-art libraries and other people support programs.

In general, the view about living in the Toronto is all positive with many residents citing “a friendly community and working atmosphere” that keeps them fully satisfied to raise a family in this region of Canada.

Trending Toronto neighborhoods

The great thing, climate wise, about living in the Toronto region is its famed continental climate that is mostly warm and enjoyable summer seasons and cool winters. While the city of Toronto does experience four distinct seasons, the general view is “great weather” for this popular region of Canada. At the same time, the allure of Toronto for families and professional workers is the fun and even festive local neighborhoods. For example, local estate agents say they have no worries when it comes to finding great homes, condos, apartments or other wanted property for newbies wishing to settle in this wondrous region of North America.

The classic “Old Toronto” residential communities attract visitors who enjoy Victorian and Edwardian-era buildings that have been turned into trending apartment, condo and business property rentals. There are popular Toronto enclaves such as Cabbagetown, The Annex, Yorkville and Rosedale that literally have real estate waiting lists because so many families and single career types wanting to buy or rent property in these fully established and proven safe neighborhoods.

Top neighborhoods for residential and commercial property

At a time when Toronto’s famed Wychwood Park neighborhood is worldwide famous, it’s no wonder that more and more single career people and families wish to settle down in this region that has been designated as an “Ontario Heritage Conservation District.”

Overall, there has never been a better time to contact a local Toronto estate agent for details on how to buy or rent a home or other property in this trending city.

Buy Sell Invest in Property via Pat kakar & Pam Team 


Milton Homes for sale    Milton real estate agents  Properties for sale

Relocating to Toronto , ON Canada


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Relocating to Toronto OR Milton, ON Canada

Relocating is not easy; especially so if you are planning to move to another country. Your decision should be based on several factors and you need to be really sure of what you want, where you want to migrate, and how you are going to go about the relocation process. There are also several reasons why people decide to relocate to another place- retirement, work requirement, lifestyle change or just to enjoy and experience a totally new way of life are some of the most common ones. Whatever your reasons are for moving, it is always important to be sure that you are going to have a better life in your new home. If you are thinking of relocating to Ontario, Canada, it is recommended that you get in touch with the most reliable and reputable realtor.

Importance of Having a Reliable Realtor before Settling Down to a New Destination
• Generally, a real estate agent is someone that can provide you with all the help you need in finding the most suitable place to relocate at. Even if you only have to move locally, a realtor can be a big help, especially when it comes to providing you with all the needed information regarding the new territory you want to reside at.
• Imagine this scenario- You would like to move from London UK , Hong Kong , China , Australia Dubai to Canada and you have no idea how to start looking for the right place. Do you think you can go about on your own and be successful in finding what you want? Chances are Low! You are going to need professional help, and this can only be delivered by an experienced professional in the real estate industry.
The first thing that you need to understand is that there are two parties involved in every real estate business transaction; the seller and the buyer. A real estate agent’s role is dependent on who are you among the two parties. In this instance, as the buyer, you are going to enjoy a lot of benefits if you are backed up by a trustworthy realtor.
The benefit of having trustworthy real estate agent who are seeking new home to another country follows-
1. You will get to know more about the country in general, the town or city of your choice specifically. This knowledge is maybe accessible to you online, but you will gain more insight if the information is provided to you by someone who truly knows the location like the back of their hands.
2. A new country means different culture, different lifestyle and even different food preferences. As an example indicated above; Dubai can be a very different place altogether from Canada. And if you have lived most of your life in Dubai, you may not find it easy to settle down in Canada. But then again, if you have decided to move and you are willing to adapt to the new surroundings, you are already half way there.
3. Your agent will be able to make you fully understand everything about home financing. This is one benefit that will help you in determining the amount you can afford for a new property.
4. You have to understand that real estate property costs from where you are now can be very different from that of another country. Canada is a prime destination and it offers some of the best and cleanest places to live, some of which may also be too expensive. With the help of a reliable realtor, you will know the places in Ontario that offers properties that you can easily afford.
5. It is always important that you be honest with your realtor regarding your budget, because they will work for you better if they know what properties can be financially available for you.
6. Real estate agents have the most up-to-date commercial and residential property listings, benchmarks and comparisons. Of course, a lot fo resources are available for such information, but the latest and the most reliable data can only be accessed by a broker.
Benefits of Settling Down in Canada
Canada is always considered as a dream place to live at because of enormous facilities. Why is that so?

• It is an amazing, beautiful and dynamic country.
• Situated in North America, Canada is surrounded by the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic oceans; it is simple a wonderful place that is rich in history and nice people.
• Since 1994 and every year after that, Canada has been rated by the United Nations as the best place to reside at.
• Quite easy to get permanent Residence.
Information above should be enough to entice anyone to consider moving to this place that always adorned with lots of great opportunities. Short brief on Canadian most demanding province Ontario-
Ontario, Canada
• Ontario is a popular largest Canadian province is considered by many as one of the most beautiful places in the world to relocate at.
• The weather is good; not snow-bound all year round, contrary to what most people believe.
• Plus the economy for all ages here is better than in some other regions.
Toronto Capital of Ontario:
 Toronto came on top when surveyed through factors like cost of living, safety, democracy, business environment and food security.
 Toronto is number eight in the Safe Cities index.
 Toronto offers residential and commercial properties like condominium units, apartments and detached structures.
 Average price of property in Toronto is 7,458.14 CAD per square meter in city centre and 6,752.94 CAD per square meter outside of the centre.
Milton, Canada

Milton is a fastest growing city in southern Ontario always resides with-

 Milton offers high quality and affordable residential properties
 There are several subdivisions in Milton and it has been chosen by a lot of people because it is a quaint appealing village
 A three-bedroom house in Milton can cost from 400,000 CAD and UP.
Job Opportunities in Toronto and Milton
One of the main reasons why Toronto is a recommended relocation place for people thinking of migrating to Canada is because it is the nation’s hottest job market. In 2013, Toronto was responsible for about half the jobs (47.4 %) in the whole of Ontario and with a statistics of under one out of five (18.4 %) of all Canada jobs. These are the highest numbers since 1987.
When it comes to Milton, Ontario, immigrants also have better chances of getting jobs as this community is definitely fast-growing.
Your Property.ca : Best Real Estate Solution
1. If you need help in making your decision about where and how to move to Canada – Milton/ Ontario/Toronto in particular – you should not hesitate to get in touch with us at http://www.yourproperty.ca/, and we promise to provide you with everything that you need.
2. At yourproperty.com you can be assured that you will be provided with the service that you need. You can consider us as your one-stop-shop when it comes to everything related to real estate.
3. As an agent, it is my guarantee that we will negotiate on your behalf in the best of my ability. You can expect to receive fair contracts while having our proven marketing strategy to help you finding the most suitable residential or commercial property within your range.
4. One thing that you need to remember is that it is very easy to be scammed. The best way to avoid that is by dealing only with a reputable real estate agent who has lots of success stories. Avail the Professional of yourporperty.com.

Making a decision about relocating may be hard, especially so if you are not getting the right help. With a reputable realtor, you will surely find the entire process a whole lot easier. Your real estate broker will work hard for you and will provide you with the latest information on the most affordable and accessible properties – both commercial and residential.




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No One Knows Real Estate Better Than a Local Realtor


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It’s often been said that if you want someone to do the job right you’ve got to find the person with the right tools.

If that’s true-which it is-when it comes to looking for the right location or property for your home or business, what better qualified person to go to than a Realtor? Realtors, or as they are commonly known as, real estate agents, are professionals who are highly-skilled in the art of real property, otherwise known as real estate. In other words, they are skilled, or ‘have the right tools’, as it were, in the art or skill of finding places, or finding properties for potential clients like you, for example, whether for residential or commercial purposes.

Realtors can find just about any type of business or home that the client is seeking, even if it is on a local level, which is what the client of course, wants, the closer or more local the business or home, the better.

So, as one can see, when it comes to the art of real property, the above kind of professionals are the go-to persons to see. People want property that is not only practical, but ideal, whether that be commercial property or residential property; they want to live and work under the best and ideal circumstances, and that’s the goal of the above professionals, no matter where one lives or moves to, even if a person was moving to Canada, for instance.

Even if you’re moving to Canada or otherwise, you want the best commercial or residential property you can find, one that is practical and ideal, and more importantly, one that fits your budget.

This can be especially true if you’re a first time home buyer. As such, you’re probably looking for a good deal; you want to find a home that is decent, in excellent condition and doesn’t break the bank. A realtor can help you toward that end. But of course, that can depend whether you are willing to work with the realtor; they want you to have the best home that’s on the market, so they will first check for local homes for sale with your local community, one that is near all the venues that are essential, such as shopping malls, train stations, bus stops and the like. Then, they will negotiate a price, the price that you can reasonably and feasibly pay.

It’s only fair to let the prospective home buyer know the home they plan to purchase and its true value as well as its condition. And that’s how a realtor works. Like a car salesperson, they highly promote their product, but like an honest salesperson, they let the prospective homeowner know what they’re buying, which means you would have to go to the actual site of the home, to see it for yourself.

Once the prospective purchaser of the home is willing to go to designated site and by working with realtor, this will facilitate whether or not the prospective purchaser chooses to buy the home or not. Once that is decided upon and a lease is signed, the real estate agent has completed their job; they get a commission, a certain percentage of money paid to them from their company for helping to find another satisfied customer, like you, for instance, find a home or business site they are truly happy with.

And the above agents can basically help a client find practically any type of house, whether a detach house, semi detach, or town house. and of course, as has been previously explained, they can also help with industrial property as well. And industrial property also includes hotels and gas stations.

If you want to lease a property, the above professionals are also the people to see. Property is their milieu, and they will find the best kind of space or property that is needed for your business or business equipment.

So, as you can probably see, realtors are very knowledgeable about their work, and they can indeed help you find the home or business location of your dreams. But in order for them to do that, you have to contact them first.

In order to do that, you need to go online to find the realtors in your area that can fit what you are looking for. Once you do that, you will be directed to a local realtor who will go through the previous-mentioned steps with you. Once you’ve established the residence or business location as well as the price, you’ll all set. You’ve finally achieved the home or business of your dreams, thanks to a realtor. Realtors are indeed an invaluable aid to society. They have added to the joys of many satisfied home or business owners. Hopefully, you will be one of them.

Because without a local realtor, how far would you go?


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Commercial and Residential Properties in Oakville


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In case you have been searching for investment properties as well as other types of Real Estate in Oakville ,ON  Canada then you have been searching for http://www.yourproperty.ca. You can get updated and recent investment property listings, ensuring that your search for your ideal real estate investment in Oakville is hustle free.
Types of Real Estate Properties
There are a number of ways to buy a marvelous property for sale in this great neighborhood and make it a real estate investment opportunity. Some of the most common types of real estate properties are below, all of which you can own by simply calling Our Real estate team.
Vacation Homes
You can own a vocation home for renting or personal use. The beautiful thing regarding these real estate properties is that apart from getting still use of the property to satisfy your needs, you can also earn some income by renting it out during peak seasons.
Single-Family Homes
One interesting thing concerning single-family homes is that they are relatively affordable and usually require less money compared to other types of properties. Hence, a lot of people who have interest in real estate investments would begin by buying a single-family home, which are undervalued and later sell them at great margins. The good news is that with our real estate team you can easily find one.
Multi-Family Homes
When looking to invest in real estate property in Oakville, you may think of buying a multi-family home and may be rent it for residents seeking rental property within the area. As oppose to buying properties, most people in Ontario, Canada opt to rent property. As a result, when you buy a multi-family property then rent it out to people looking for rental properties throughout Hamilton, Toronto, Waterloo, Kitchener, Burlington, Milton, Mississauga and Oakville.
Commercial Properties
Alongside acquiring a residential property for sale and converting it into an investment property, you can utilize commercial properties to accomplish your desires for real estate investment. Your property our priority is your unrivaled source for getting your ideal property for sale to fulfill your commercial real estate investment desires.
Things you should look for when looking for the best Residential and Commercial Property
For you to get the most from your real estate investment, you must get an informed decision prior to deciding to rent or buy a real estate property. Below are four most important things to consider while making a decision whether to buy or rent a real estate property.
1. Accessibility
Accessibility tops the list of the most important features that you must consider when you want to invest in real estate. If you are thinking of owning a commercial property make sure it is at a strategic location where you can easily and effectively market and promote your business. You need to assess the business you want to put up and establish whether the local is sufficiently accessible by your target market. For investors seeking residential property, it is critical to factor in the transportation convenience while commuting to and from home and also if the location is accessible to school or your workplace.
2. Safety
You cannot compromise safety at all costs when deciding the perfect real estate property for your residential and commercial needs. Your property should comply with state safety policies and ensure that it is furnished with safety equipment like fire extinguisher, emergency lights, fire alarm, and smoke detectors among others. Confirm that the property you are buying is constructed from strong and durable materials.
3. Facilities
The other important thing to consider when seeking to either owning a residential or commercial property is facilities. Your property should have complete facilities to guarantee everyone’s comfort. For instance, when considering a commercial property, ensure that the location is business friendly for both your customers and employees. In the case of a multi-storey property, it should have an elevator for moving up and down the floors. It should also have a passage route for people with disabilities. Also, look out for the adjacent amenities and facilities. Check properly of the location is near a transportation system, club house, church, convenient store or park.
4. Budget
After assessing all the conveniences, safety and comforts of the property-now is its time to check whether you can afford it or not. Although it is true that we all want the best place to live and work, however, it is critical to select a place where your budget suits. There are several real estate properties in Oakville, with all important features you would need that are established to suit your budget. You need to cautiously know how to execute your budget in renting or purchasing a property where you will get value for your money with no worries of costly mortgages.

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Choosing the Best Commercial and Residential Property in Milton, Ontario, Canada


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The real estate business is gaining an immense popularity these past few years because more and more people have high demands for an excellent ambiance to work and live. A place which is situated in a friendly atmosphere along with complete facilities nearby is most preferred by many individuals who are searching to invest in commercial or residential properties. If you are living within or near Milton, Oakville , Burlington , Burlington Ontario, Canada, there are various options where you can pick the best property suited to your investment needs and preferences.

Ontario ranked as one of the best investment communities in Canada according to research conducted by the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN). Due to affordable or inexpensive cost of housing in the city along with Milton Education Village, according to Allyssa Fischer research analyst of REIN, Milton for decades is considered one of the rapidly growing communities in Ontario. This town homes approximately 85,000 inhabitants with a drastic increase of 56% population from 2006 to 2011. The various opportunities for recreation and business as well as the rising economy and wonderful natural beauty of the town attracts more and more inhabitants to invest in commercial or residential properties.

Commercial and Residential Properties in Milton, Oakville , Burlington , Toronto Ontario, Canada

Is there a difference between a commercial and residential property? Here’s how:

 Commercial

This type of property is for business purposes. Agents are usually particular in providing their clients, those who are interested to sell, buy or lease, with lower risk while ensuring to provide them with great returns of investment. Here are some types of commercial properties:
1. Hotels
2. Lands
3. Industrial
4. Office
5. Retail

 Residential

This property is basically for personal or family use. There are various types of residential properties which include:
1. Custom build Homes
2. Condominiums
3. Town Houses
4. Single Family Residences
5. Second Homes
6. Multi-Unit Properties
7. Condo hotels
8. Modular Homes
What to Look For When Finding the Best Commercial and Residential Property?

If you wanted to make the most out from your investment, you need to get an informed decision before deciding to purchase or rent a real estate property. Either commercial or residential at Milton, Ontario, Canada. Here are some of the factors to help you end up with an informed decision in getting the best investment:

1. Accessibility

This is one of the most important features you need to look for when deciding to invest in real estate property. For commercial property, this should be situated in an area where you can best market your business. You must evaluate what business you are trying to market and know whether the place is accessible enough to be reached by your targeted customers. For residential property, it is important to choose a place which is accessible to your work area or school if you have kids. Likewise, you need to consider the convenience of transportation in traveling from and to your home.

2. Facilities

This is also another thing to consider when looking for real estate property. Both commercial and residential properties should have complete facilities to ensure the comforts of everyone. If you are trying to invest in a commercial property, make sure that it is a business friendly place for both your employees and clients. For multiple-storey building, there should be an elevator for easy going up or down each floor. This should also be equipped with a passage way for persons with disabilities. Likewise, every floor should have its own rest room. Residential property should likewise not exclude from these facilities. Make sure that the one you choose is designed with facilities for the comforts of your family. Additionally, you should consider nearby facilities and amenities. Examine carefully whether the area is adjacent or near the park, grocery or convenient store, church, club house as well as the transportation system.

3. Safety

At all costs, safety should not be compromised when choosing the perfect property for your commercial or residential needs. Your building or establishment should adhere with safety policies of the state from where it is situated as well as equipped with safety devices such as smoke or fire alarm, emergency lights, fire extinguisher including fire exits. Make sure that the property you choose is made from durable and sturdy construction and make an updated check as to the building’s condition to prevent future risks to inhabitants, workers or dwellers.

4. Budget

After you have examined the comforts, safety and the conveniences of the property, check whether or not your budget can go for it. Of course, everyone wants the best place to work and dwell but it is important to choose where you wouldn’t break a bank. There are numerous real estate properties in Milton,
Oakville , Burlington , Toronto Ontario, Canada with all the features you need which are designed to fit your budget. You must be careful on how you use your budget in buying or renting a property so that you will end up satisfied without worrying about expensive mortgages.

How to Find the Best Commercial and Residential Property?

There are various ways to help you find the best real estate property for your business or home. With handful offers in the market these days, finding one could be challenging. To offer you with stress free way to end up with a good decision, here are some of the means:

Research Online

Technology nowadays has a big impact on how people make decisions and internet is not an exemption. One of the easiest ways to choose the right type of commercial or residential property in Milton, Ontario, Canada for you is through browsing online. There are numerous websites (www.yourproperty.ca ) that offer comprehensive lists of reliable companies or registered agents to help you find the best property for you. Along with their information is the contact number so that you can contact them as soon as needed to inquire more about the property you are interested in. Likewise, if you want to know more information regarding commercial or residential properties, the internet is also one of the best venues to provide you with authentic details and helpful tips.

Visit Personally a Few Yet Known Properties

If time is not under any constraint, you can personally visit some known properties near you. This way, you may conduct your own research on the venue. You can personally check the building or establishment itself along with the surroundings and neighbors. You can have an initial assessment whether or not the property suits your needs. Likewise, you can conduct a small background check by asking a Real Estate agent about the history of the property or some small but useful information to help with your decision.

Ask Recommendations from Reliable Real estate agent or friend

Another source of good information is through asking recommendations from relatives or real estate agents who has experienced buying or leasing real estate property in Milton, Oakville , Burlington , Toronto Ontario, Canada. They can offer great tips or advises on where and what property offers a good deal. This way, your search can be shorten and burden can be lesser.

With the above information, may it be a help in searching for the best property depending on your needs. To guarantee that you avail the great deals in investing real estate properties in Milton, Ontario, Canada, http://www.yourproperty.ca will assist your investment needs every step of the way. Whether for commercial or residential purposes, a lot of options is waiting for you at Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Toronto Ontario, Canada. Good luck!

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